Fairtrade Gold

Fairtrade offers both jewelers, jewelry chains, jewelry and watch brands and suppliers of other gold products different ways to work for sustainable gold. The Fairtrade Gold Label this commitment to the buyers and sellers is made visible. All levels along the supply chain are contractually bound to the Fairtrade system.Artisanal and small-scale mining is the second biggest employer after agriculture and more than 16 million people around the world directly depend on mining for their livelihood. It is characterised by high levels of poverty, marginalisation and exploitation. Conventional small scale mining is highly labour intensive and often poorly regulated and the miners and workers can be exposed to hazardous conditions. In addition, they usually receive only a modest price and struggle to make a living. Fairtrade is committed to improving the welfare of people and the planet in small-scale gold mining sector where people urgently need safer working conditions, fair market access, environmental protection and transparency in trading.

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