Expert Sustainability Professional (ESP)

Through the Canadian Green Sustainability Program, Distributors and Manufacturers have an opportunity to earn their accreditation in the program, by becoming an ESP. Each ESP has taken the course and passed the exam. Their credential as an ESP recognizes their qualification to train Building Service Contractors and In-house Service Providers who are looking to become Certified Green Sustainability Contractors. ESPs receive training in the following areas: The benefits of all types of certification through the program; LEED and BOMA BESt program; Indoor Air Quality; Product and Procedures; Waste Management; Green Policies; Site Certification; Site Auditing. Upon successfully passing the exam, an ESP will receive from Franken LeDrew Consulting, a certificate validating their certified status, a copy of the Power Point training they received, a copy of the CGSC Power Point (used for training CGSCs) and a binder, which contains program support material.

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