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This Standard specifies environmental attributes and measurement methods for ICT and CE products according to known regulations, standards, guidelines and currently accepted practices. The Standard is also applicable to products used as subassemblies, components, accessories and/or optional parts. The standard addresses company programs and product related attributes, not the manufacturing processes and logistic aspects. Although the declarations as defined in Annex A and B are optimized for application in the European Union, this Standard is intended for global use. Additional annexes may be added for other regions: Company environmental profile (Annex A). The company environmental profile is split into legal and market requirements such as: recycling system participations; environmental policy and environmental management systems. Environmental product attributes (Annex B). The environmental product attributes are split into legal and market requirements on: hazardous substances; batteries; safety and EMC; consumable materials; packaging materials; treatment information; environmental conscious design (such as disassembly, recycling, product lifetime); power consumption; emissions; ergonomics; documentation. The attributes are listed without differentiation between product categories; not all attributes necessarily apply to each product category.

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