Certified Greenhouse

Certified Greenhouse Farmers supports standard development in greenhouse growing, food safety and sustainability for our members and through allied organizations that advocate industry-wide enforceable standards. We back up our claims and certification programs through program reviews and independent analysis. Our members must meet our definition of a greenhouse. Members must: Grow in a fully enclosed, permanent structure with impermeable glass or plastic, Use computerized irrigation and climate control to ensure vegetable quality, Grow in a soilless medium with hydroponic methods, protecting against soil borne contaminants and Have Integrated Pest Management systems that minimize the need for pesticides. As a prerequisite, in addition to meeting our definition of a greenhouse, members must pass a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)-benchmarked audit with any noncompliance findings resolve prior to certification. Growers are evaluated against the Certified Greenhouse Farmers’ greenhouse growing standard detailing all aspects of their operation, including: energy use, water conservation, pest management practices, recycling, waste management practices, attention to external environmental concerns, product segregation, and trace back. Information is benchmarked year-after-year to allow growers to improve performance.

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