Certified Green Sustainability Contractor (CGSC)

Through the Canadian Green Sustainability Program, Building Service Contractors and In-house Service Providers have an opportunity to increase their credibility and visibility by becoming a CGSC. Contractors are trained by the ESP to eliminate or reduce the use of harmful, VOC laden toxic cleaning products. Instead, preference is given to environmental preferable products that meet standards established by EcoLogo or Green Seal. CGSCs receive training in the following areas: Use of Green chemical concentrates and dilution systems; Use of floor finishes that are free of heavy metals and other hazardous ingredients; Use of low maintenance floor care programs that minimize VOCs and stripping cycles; Alternatives to aerosols; Use of high efficiency vacuums and microfiber technology; Use of proper entrance matting systems; Moisture management and the importance of eliminating standing water; Use of recycling programs. Upon successfully passing the exam, a CGSC will receive from Franken LeDrew Consulting, a certificate validating their certified status and a copy of the Power Point training they received.

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