General Pacific, Inc.

Distributor/Wholesaler in Fairview, Oregon

General Pacific, GenPac, is one of the leading wholesale stocking distributors in the Northwest region of the United States. Serving the Electrical Utility, Water Utility and Contractor markets since 1965 has helped General Pacific build long lasting relationships with our customers by providing them with quality products and value added services. GenPac was founded to serve public utilities as a stocking distributor and to staff sharp and creative people that can share the latest products and technology keeping our customers up-to-date with the right product for the job often enhancing utility productivity and value to the utilitys customers. GenPac is well known in the region for its unmatched emergency response times and services. In addition to our own extensive stock, we have access to over $146 million in inventory through our national partnerships within the EUDA organization. This extensive inventory, combined with our own delivery trucks, can help your company deal with outages and storm damage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Personalized service is another way General Pacific can help your company, by offerings such as job kitting, material assembly and prefabrication. We are also able to perform just-in-time and job site deliveries to help reduce your overhead and construction inventory in your warehouses and storage yards. General Pacific specializes in alliances with our customers by managing and monitoring stock specifically for those utilities. This allows the utility to have immediate stock available to them for frequently used parts and supplies. We also supply alliance partners with special packaging, labeling and bar coding at the request of the alliance partners.


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