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EcoCompass empowers the average homeowner to take part in the consumer response to high energy prices and adverse effects on our environment. Renewable energy products of the future are quickly becoming a present-day reality as technological, economic, and political forces drive this innovative industry. Motivated by increasing product efficiency, declining product costs, and continuing government incentives, new segments of consumers will begin purchasing more energy efficient and renewable energy products to install in their own homes and use in their businesses. These products, however, remain difficult for consumers to research, compare, purchase, and install; creating a significant informational barrier that limits mass adoption by consumers. EcoCompass addresses this barrier by providing a platform on which consumers can knowledgeably purchase the best-suited renewable energy products in a step-by-step fashion while bypassing today's product liaisons and their costly conflicts of interest. EcoCompass strives to become the trusted online consumer marketplace for energy efficient and renewable energy products. These products include energy generating equipment (solar arrays, wind turbines, etc.) and energy saving devices (power meters, efficient appliances, insulation, light bulbs, and more) designed to reduce household energy consumption.


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