AZ Partsmaster

Distributor/Wholesaler in Phoenix, Arizona

AZ PARTSMASTER maintains extensive inventories ready to service your properties individual needs. Even with an extensive inventory, from time to time special orders are needed. This is where AZ PARTSMASTER excels. We go the extra mile to find that special part in a timely manner at a competitive price. Along with extensive inventories and special orders, AZ PARTSMASTER offers a full line of condensing units, appliance repair parts for all manufactures, a full service door shop, cabinet drawers and doors, patio and window screens and vertical and mini-blinds. AZ PARTSMASTER provides free delivery with a $25.00 minimum invoice within our local delivery areas (metro Albuquerque, Colorado Springs, Dallas, Denver, Las Vegas, Oklahoma City, Phoenix, and Tucson). Orders outside of our local delivery areas will be shipped UPS or common carrier. Freight charges will apply to some specific items as designated in the AZ PARTSMASTER SUPPLY CATALOG. AZ PARTSMASTER delivers quality same day service day in and day out. Orders called or faxed in by 7:30am Monday through Friday are delivered by 1:00pm the same day. Orders called or faxed in by 10:30am are delivered by 6:00pm the same day. Orders placed after 10:30am will be delivered the following business day. AZ PARTSMASTER makes it easy for your on site professionals to process our invoices. Each invoice is computer generated and delivered to your property with your product. The invoice is also sub-totaled by category making it a breeze for your staff to code our invoices for your individual category budgets.


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15 North 57th Drive
Phoenix, Arizona
USA 85043
(602) 233-3580

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