Flower Label Program, E.V.

Service Provider in Köln

Germany is one of the world's biggest markets for cut flowers. The yearly turnover of German flowershops is about 3,2 billion euros. 82 per cent of these flowers have been imported. The majority is produced in the Netherlands. But especially in winter nearly every second flower comes from countries in the South like Comlumbia, Ecuador, Kenya, Israel or Spain. The export production of cutflowers is a tough business. Flower are extremely delicate when it comes to deseases or if the tempature is not stable. Incoming orders have to be realized within record time. If there are insects or a disease the merchandise will be rejected immediately at the airport. Is it possible to implement workers rights and activities for the protection of the environment under these conditions? The members of FLP Association do have this vision. And the FLP-certified farms prove that it is possible - if we recognize the added value and ask for labelled products.





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