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Service Provider in Ottawa, Ontario

Fairtrade Canada is a founding member, and the only Canadian member, of Fairtrade International (FLO). In addition to us, FLO is made up of 20 other national Labelling Initiatives located in other countries and three Producer Networks, all of which are voting members. The Producer Networks represent Fair Trade Certified producer organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean (CLAC), Africa (Fairtrade Africa) and Asia (NAP). Fairtrade Label South Africa and Comercio Justo Mxico are associate (non-voting) members of FLO. While the term "Fair Trade Certified" has been more common in Canada historically, "Fairtrade" is gaining more and more visibility. Together, the members of FLO are responsible for producing or promoting Fairtrade certified products around the world. We are also responsible for decision making within FLO, for example at the annual General Assembly. FLO owns FLO-CERT, an independent, ISO 65 accredited certification company that provides certification services in over 70 countries.





7500-1145 Carling Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada K1Z7K4
(888) 663-3247

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