Ecova Plug Load Solutions

Service Provider in Spokane, Washington

Ecova Plug Load Solutions Website is a portal for the latest energy-efficient technology products and links to our program and its participants. We provide an easily accessible gateway to the research, products, programs and places of purchase of energy-efficient technologies that institutions, corporations and individuals use every day. For Commercial and Residential Consumers: Empower yourself with information that will help you cut energy costs and reduce your environmental impact. Visit our product pages to become more educated on products that you use everyday and visit our program manufacturers, and retailers for buying qualified energy-efficient products. For Manufacturers and Retailers: Discover new ways to add value to and differentiate your product through improved efficiency and energy efficiency promotional programs. For Utilities: Explore the program sponsorship opportunities for reducing plug loads on overburdened grids, making for cutting-edge demand-side management investments with proven results. Ecova Plug Load Solutions site is owned and maintained by Ecova - a Spokane, WA-based company that specializes in energy efficiency, climate and sustainability solutions.





5000-1313 North Atlantic Street
Spokane, Washington
USA 99201
(971) 201-4180

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