Xiangshan Lianqiang Automobile Mould Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer/Supplier in Ningbo

KW line-upper outer mold of the cylinder casting molds suppliers in China, Our company has a mature mold design and manufacturing technology with a large number of mold manufacture experience, the main mold products including sand casting mold, new lines, KW line, static pressure line, DISA line and other production molds, mold gravity casting, low pressure casting mold, die-casting mold, d and all kinds of casting mold, as well as cold, hot core, shell core, and fulfillment of iron mold sand, etc.

Various core-making machine molds, widely used in the engine cylinder block, cylinder head, exhaust manifold, turbine inlet volute, compressor, gearbox, axle housing, and other components mold. We also can do customized products according to the customers’ drawings or samples.

Our molds are mainly exported to many countries such as the USA, Germany, Japan, Spain, Italy, UK, Korea, Australia, Canada and etc. Our clients include many OEM customers who specialize in train, automobile, forklift, and construction machinery,we already have had cooperation with more than 10 of the world’s top 500 companies as one of their major suppliers in China.



No. 5, Lane 13, Dongjiao Road, Xinliangting Industrial Zone, Xiangshan County, Zhejiang Province
China 315700
+865 (746) 563-1118

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