Basel Action Network (BAN)

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BAN is the worlds only organization focused on confronting the global environmental injustice and economic inefficiency of toxic trade (toxic wastes, products and technologies) and its devastating impacts. Working at the nexus of human rights and environment, we confront the issues of environmental justice at a macro level, preventing disproportionate and unsustainable dumping of the worlds toxic waste and pollution on our global villages poorest residents. At the same time we actively promote the sustainable and just solutions to our consumption and waste crises - banning waste trade, while promoting green, toxic free and democratic design of consumer products. BAN works to prevent the globalization of the toxic chemical crisis. We work in opposition to toxic trade in toxic wastes, toxic products and toxic technologies, that are exported from rich to poorer countries. Alternatively, we work to ensure national self-sufficiency in waste management through clean production and toxics use reductions and in support of the principle of global environmental justice - where no peoples or environments are dispro-portionately poisoned and polluted due to the dictates of unbridled market forces and trade. The e-Stewards Initiative is a project of the Basel Action Network (BAN).





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Seattle, Washington
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