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Eudaimonia is a change and strategy management company, working intensively with businesses and institutions of all sizes to help them to become more innovative, resilient and adaptive. Eudaimonia works specifically with business operations and culture to create an environment in which sustainability can thrive and the business and community as a whole can benefit. The term Eudaimonia was developed by Aristotle to describe a life that was meaningfully and authentically rich; rich with contribution, accomplishment, fulfilment and enduring achievement. Eudaimonia works with select clients to achieve these goals in their personal and business development. Based in Calgary, AB they work with only 3-5 clients at any time to ensure that they are developing creative, unique and meaningful business strategies and then remain involved throughout the implementation of these strategies. Recognizing that in triple bottom line, all three metrics must be considered and measured, solutions are designed to create not only positive Returns on Investment (ROI) but also positive Social Returns on Investment (SROI).


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