Manufacturer/Supplier in Busto Arsizio, Virginia

We create circular knit fabrics. That’s what we have done for more than 65 years, with creativity, passion and innovation, following the tradition of our family. Our ambition is to realize top quality fabrics for the most beautiful collections of our clients', with personalisations and tailor made solutions. For us, creating a quality fabric means research in the choice of the best yarns and raw materials, the most performing equipment, the new structures and design; it means awareness regarding machinery setting, in colour interpretation, in reaching the perfect elasticity; it means stability and perseverance in knowing how to give “that unique touch” to the fabric.For us, creating quality fabrics means having the imagination and the experience in order to realize them. That’s what we do best and that’s what we do, every day.



Via Contardo Ferrini, 8
Busto Arsizio, Virginia
Italy 21052

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