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Every employee deserves fair treatment under the law. At Alexander Morrison + Fehr, LLP, we pursue justice for employees with the resources and skills that come with many years of practice and decades of trial experience in employment matters. We are here to champion your cause. We understand the difficulty of being a powerless employee being subjected to mistreatment by a seemingly all-powerful employer. We will advise and guide you every step of the way.

The attorneys of AM+F are experienced in trials, appeals, mediation, and negotiation for employment-related claims. Wherever your case needs to go, we will be there to provide you with unparalleled knowledge and guidance. Working out of Los Angeles, California, we have represented hundreds of people who have faced retaliation for speaking up about issues at work, who have been discriminated against or harassed, achieving six- and seven-figure settlements in many cases. We believe in providing every client with a comprehensive, innovative approach tailored to the circumstances of their individual case. Whether you need help dealing with defamatory statements by a former employer or ensuring you are fairly compensated for your work, we are here to help.


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