308 Acquisitions, LLC

Service Provider in Houston, Texas

Every step of the journey, the risk is balanced. Asset protection and portfolio management At 308 Acquisitions, we strive to do the impossible and maximize our return on investment without the hassle!

308 Acquisitions LLC (“308”) generates current passive income and long-term value for its client's thanks to its unrivaled knowledge in alternative real estate investing.

308, led by a senior management team with years of combined investing and management experience, focuses on high yield real estate investments across a variety of real estate assets and markets to provide premium, risk-adjusted returns to clients.

Since 2017, Accredited Investors have been able to achieve their financial objectives by participating in the 308 Acquisitions LLC Portfolio, a passive income portfolio.

Financial advisers may use 308’s asset allocation to dynamically allocate assets, develop efficient investment portfolios, compare an existing or prospective portfolio, evaluate the likelihood of attaining future wealth goals, and generate presentations with complex visualizations.


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2200 Post Oak Boulevard
Suite 220
Houston, Texas
USA 77056
(800) 341-2649

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