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Manufacturer/Supplier in Palm Harbor, Florida

BioBag® is a world leader in providing bags and films for the collection of organic waste for the purpose of composting. Our mission is to keep organic waste from ever entering a landfill. Unlike regular plastic bags, BioBags are made from a resin derived from plants, vegetable oils and compostable polymers and can be consumed by micro-organisms that live in our soils. Because of this, our BioBags can be readily composted along with organic waste at municipal composting facilities.

BioBag isn’t a large petroleum-based plastic bag company that now conveniently dabbles in the new world of compostable bags. We are, instead, a small company of dedicated employees, who are fully committed to ONLY producing certified compostable bags and films.
It’s All We Do! 

BioBag Americas is a fully-owned subsidiary of BioBag International (Norway) with headquarters in Dunedin, Florida. BioBag Americas was originally established in 2002 when BioGroupUSA secured the sales and marketing rights for the United States from BioBag International. The founder of BioGroupUSA, Dave Williams, and his partner, entrepreneur Terry Phillips believed strongly that certified compostable bags and films would soon become a necessary and viable part of solving food waste separation issues as “Zero Waste” initiatives expanded across the country.


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Certifications, Standards and Eco-Labels

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P.O. Box 369
Palm Harbor, Florida
USA 34682
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