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Being a naturopathic doctor is not just what I do for a living, it is a large part of who I am.
I am inspired and passionate about what I do. Every week people tell me that they feel healthier – they have more energy, better mood, better sleep, better digestion, less allergies and they feel more like themselves. I am so privileged to help make this happen and to witness these changes.

I have a thirst for new learning and constantly update and upgrade my skills and knowledge. A large portion of my continuing education centers around women’s health and pediatrics. I love when my patients come to me for help with preconception, fertility and pregnancy – it’s a time of life that I can relate to and enjoy working with. I am also totally fascinated by hormones, those tiny chemical messengers in our bodies that control so much. We are so complex!


There are many ways a person might find the healing that they seek, the art of what I do is to help to find which road will be best for each individual. I try to listen carefully, and see each person for the unique being they are. I try to keep the goals of the person I am working with at the forefront of my mind. Naturopathic medicine is a partnership between doctor and patient. I know I have valuable knowledge about health and wellness to share but I also have a respect for my patient’s own feeling about what is best for them.


I am one of those rare people who knew what I wanted to do when I was 16 years old. The light bulb-moment came when I read an article about naturopathic medicine in a career magazine written for high school students (strange, given that it was the early nineties and naturopathic medicine was not nearly as popular as it is today). The combination of scientific and traditional medical knowledge with a holistic view of health just made sense – I knew right away this was for me.

I completed my premedical studies with an undergraduate degree in Biology and Environmental Studies from the University of Victoria. After one year teaching overseas, I enrolled at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto where I completed four years of training.

I am trained in acupuncture, and I have extra certification in Bowen therapy, and in breastfeeding counseling. In 2010 I was awarded prescribing authority which means that when necessary, I can prescribe a range of pharmaceutical medications, including bio-identical hormones.


When I’m not working, I am spending time with my family. I have a husband and two beautiful children, Kylen and Elijah. We love spending time in our garden and exploring our beautiful island.


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