Asoc Green Planet Cannabis Club

Service Provider in Barcelona

The association Green Planet Cannabis Club. is a private non-profit association for cannabis.

The Asoc. Green Planet Cannabis Club fight for the regulation of cannabis and tries to fight the black market. 

The Asoc. Green Planet Cannabis Club offers its members the opportunity to participate in shared cultivation, controlled, and is not affected by toxic and harmful substances. 

The Asoc. Green Planet Cannabis Club provides an excellent quality of consumption, thanks to the qualification of the management team. 

The Asoc. Green Planet Cannabis Club offers its members legal and medical advice service. 

The Asoc. Green Planet Cannabis Club is composed of a board of directors, in charge of the operation and association of the club, which is obliged to inform members of the change of the rules of the Staff Regulations or the rules of operation of the General Assembly. The General Assembly is the highest decision-making body, consisting of some members of the Assoc. Green Planet Cannabis Club Barcelona, which meets once a year in ordinary form and in extraordinary form when needed. 


We reduce the health risks to our members by cultivating Marijuana to certified quality, far from external contamination, and avoiding to supply the black market.

We provide all members of the club who want to smoke, as well as all the other members who want to take advantage of the club even if they are non-smokers (The club is equipped with all measures of smoke extraction and certified filters). 

Promoting social debate on the regulation on consumption, on the cultivation of cannabis and Commercial actions by civil and cultural rights (participation of experts and professionals, watching movies and documentaries, etc.). 

We welcome all patients associated with which diseases can be cured or attenuated through the use of cannabis

We create programs for the prevention of risks associated with the consumption of cannabis, inviting and urging members to be responsible consumers. 

We respect scrupulously the rules in force in all of our business with total transparency.



Placeta Sant Francesc, 2
Spain 08002
+34 (061) 253-0654

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