Atlantis Fabrics

Manufacturer/Supplier in Rego Park, New York

Madras fabric, plaid fabric, and preppy fabrics are what our store is about. Our signature fabrics are patchwork madras and madras plaids, which are mostly all made in India, and are authentic Indian madras, which is at the center of everything preppy.

Madras Plaid, Patchwork Madras, Childrens fabrics, Quilting Fabric are available in hundreds of patterns and styles and are all woven on looms in India. They are great for shirts, shorts, pants, shirts, bowties, neckties, pocket squares, and also for pet clothing like collars, shirts, jackets, and accessories like tote bags, etc.



6115, 98th Street
Rego Park, New York
USA 11374
(949) 391-2737

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