eeko couriers

Service Provider in North Vancouver, British Columbia

eeko is a company that dedicates itself to two things: Providing our clients with exceptional value and service, and doing so with innovation and unparalleled environmental savvy. By combining new technology and eco-mindful business strategies, our goal is to extend long-term value to our clients by continually advancing their green credentials alongside our own practices.Serving the Lower Mainland, eeko provides a variety of services that include accurately timed deliveries to anyone in the lower mainland, a bicycle courier service within metropolitan centers and of course, a revolutionary hybrid car service for all of your delivery needs.

eekos client partnerships range from occasional service to those clients that work with us on a daily basis. Regardless of how often our clients utilize our service, they all receive the same benefits including paperless systems, countless environmental benefits, and unmatched customer service and dedication.



#7 728 West 14th
North Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada V7M0A8
(604) 688-9500

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