BCIT School of Construction and the Environment

Service Provider in Burnaby, British Columbia

The BCIT School of Construction and the Environment is a leader in sustainability education and research. Research projects are carried out in order to provide support for our educational and industry objectives, and range from short-term industry-sponsored student projects to multi-year funded grant programs.

Faculty are engaged in national and international research projects in collaboration with other institutions and industry partners. Research projects are focused around the following centres, programs and areas of interest:

> Brownfield Redevelopment

> Building Science Centre of Excellence

> Centre for Architectural Ecology Collaborations in Green Roofs and Living Walls

> Centre for Infrastructure Management

> Rivers Institute at BCIT

For more information, visit bcit.ca/construction



3700 Willingdon Avenue
Burnaby, British Columbia
Canada V5G3H2
(604) 432-8234

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