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BelPacific Excavating & Shoring LP has been delivering innovative and cost effective solutions for a wide range of excavating and shoring applications to customers throughout western Canada for over 60 years. Our extensive inventory of modern equipment and ability to provide performance and materials bonds mean we are uniquely positioned to meet the challenges of any project. Safety and the environment are top priorities at BelPacific. We have a certified safety manager who develops safe work procedures for every task we complete. All construction debris and waste are segregated and sent to certified recycling facilities. In order to deliver a complete range of services, BelPacific has evolved into two divisions: Shoring / Foundations and Excavating. The scope and complexity of your project may require services from each division. BelPacific acts as a single source of responsibility, which simplifies the coordination required between trades, expedites your project schedule and saves you money. BEL Contracting, a division of BPES, has a proven track record of successfully completed transportation and infrastructure projects. 2016 marked the completion of BelPacific’s first greenhouse gas inventory with Climate Smart. The company developed an ambitious reduction plan aimed at electricity use, fuel consumption, business travel, commuting, and waste. BelPacific is Climate Smart certified for 2016.


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3015 Norland Avenue
Burnaby, British Columbia
Canada V5B 3A9
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