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Banyen Books has been a Vancouver institution since 1975 – a beautiful bookstore with one of the most comprehensive selections in North America focusing on Spiritual Traditions, Healing Arts, and Earth Wisdom. They measured their baseline year emissions for the 2010 calendar year, and have a number of reductions strategies that will lead to reductions in subsequent years. These initiatives include heating and electricity upgrades, such as programmable thermostats and motion sensitive lights, and a variety of paper reductions strategies. They will also investigate using local suppliers, which will cut down on shipping emissions. As well as new books (about 20,000 titles), we also offer music CDs, spoken word CDs, DVDs, multimedia learning sets, Tarot & oracles, and calendars, which are all listed on this site, as well as selected products from the gift side of the store, like crystals, meditation cushions, yoga supplies, incense, essential oils, etc.


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3608 West 4th Avenue
Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada V6R 1P1
(604) 732-7912

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