H3 Furniture, Inc.

Retailer in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Lowest Price on Home Furnishings

H3 Furniture aims to provide more selection - Choices and options for home furniture. Many styles and models of today's home furniture are listed on the store website with prices, and they are available to order and delivered upon request.

The low overhead operating model enables us to offer lower prices - Our furniture net-workings offers more selections - choices - and options to make home furnishings friendlier and easier. No credit check also available to apply from store website - Quick and easy approval.

H3 furniture not only offers a low price on its products, but It also offers you a convenient way of doing home furnishings from fingertips at your convenient time. Driving to different stores to check the furniture prices is thing of the past. H3 Furniture offers a better way of home furnishings at your own convenient time with comfort in your home from our online catalog at a low price. Home Furnishings at H3 Furniture is easy and convenient.


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6520 East Pine Street
Tulsa, Oklahoma
USA 74115
(918) 960-3440

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