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Friend of the Earth Certification for Sustainable Agriculture and Farming Products

Friend of the earth is an international certification program that supports sustainable agricultural and Farming Methods through their certification & by consumer awareness in Italy and in all over the world. Our aim is to raise awareness and guide companies towards sustainable farming and breeding practices which are carried out in a not only environmental but also economic and social way.

The Friend of the Earth logo on each product guarantees:

  • Protection of the ecosystem
  • Protection & conservation of wild fauna and flora
  • Protection of soil and water resources
  • Prohibition of the use of dangerous chemicals & substances
  • Efficient waste and energy management
  • Social responsibility of the whole chain

Get in touch with us today to apply for Friend of the Earth affirmation of items from practical Agriculture and Farming in italy and around the world.


Certifications, Standards and Eco-Labels

Friend of the Earth has obtained the following Certifications, Standards and Eco-Labels

Sustainable Development Goals & Related Targets

15. Life on Land: Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss.
Targets: 15.1, 15.2, 15.3, 15.4, 15.5, 15.6, 15.7, 15.8, 15.9, 15.A, 15.B, 15.C More info



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