CLE Connect

Service Provider in Rush City, Minnesota

CLE Connect™ is a comprehensive, on-demand, CLE accredited program that teaches lawyers the marketing basics they missed in law school. From networking best practices to social media engagement, CLE Connect™ is the definitive marketing resource for lawyers. What really makes CLE Connect unique, however, is its ease of use, affordability, and quality of content.

In addition to presentations from Terrie on marketing best practices for lawyers, you also have access to the course curriculum that includes marketing tools, tip sheets, checklists, templates, and everything you need to develop and implement your personal marketing plan. Why is this unique? Because you will use our materials for years into the future.

What you learn on CLE Connect will shape and guide your growth now and into the future. While each CLE Connect course has been approved for one CLE credit, that’s not where the true value of our program lies. We’ve found that the most valuable aspect of CLE Connect is the collaborative nature of its virtual community. After signing up for a course, you join a community of lawyers across the country who value learning and sharing marketing strategies, expanding their professional networks and growing their practices.



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