Flood Damage Pro Bethesda

Service Provider in Bethesda, Maryland

It doesn't matter whether your basement flooded from the rain or a pipe burst, you'd better call Flood Damage Pro of Bethesda! Our technicians will get to your location quickly and immediately start working to minimize the damage and to prevent mold growth. The sooner we start, the easier the restoration.

Flood Damage Pro serves communities throughout Montgomery County from our central location in Bethesda. We are locally available to nearby communities and areas, like Bradley Hills Grove, Edgemoor, Battery Park, Westmoreland Hills, Ashleigh, Bells Mill, Glen Echo, Kenwood Park, and Bannockburn.

We are familiar with exactly what issues there are with water damage: basement flooding, water damage in walls, wet carpets, sewage back-ups. We’ve seen it all, and we customize the restoration accordingly, with water extraction, drying and dehumidifying, debris removal, mold remediation, and other restoration procedures as required.


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4915 Saint Elmo Avenue
Bethesda, Maryland
USA 20814
(301) 591-8684

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