CanNet Telecom, Inc.

Service Provider in Toronto, Ontario

CanNet Telecom has been providing high-speed unlimited affordable internet services in Canada since its inception in 2009. We currently are able to cover 90% of Canada, from coast to coast, including British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec, and Ontario with our services. By the end of 2015 CanNet has been deemed one of the largest independent internet service providers in Canada Our high-speed internet plans stand out because of the following advantages: Truly unlimited downloads and uploads based on fair usage.

Super stable network - We work with the best partners that deliver great internet technology such as cable internet and fiber to the node internet, across all provinces we provide services in. High-speed network - We have various internet plans ranging in speed, from 15M up to 1000M speeds. Simple but efficient - Our internet plans are very straightforward and if any issue would arise, they would be easy to troubleshoot.


Environmental Attributes



200 Consumers Road
Unit 505, North York
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M2J4R4
(416) 800-2323

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