Breast Cancer Car Donations Los Angeles

Service Provider in Los Angeles, California

Choosing to collaborate with Breast Cancer Car Donations Los Angeles is a decision you won’t regret. Not only do you remove an idle vehicle from your garage without spending a dollar, but you’re doing it to help save thousands of cancer-stricken women. The best part is, there’s a huge amount of tax deductions waiting for you!

Breast Cancer Car Donations supports well-known nonprofit organizations that are battling breast cancer. Our vehicle donation program is operated on their behalf, providing additional funding so they can focus on their life-saving missions — raising funds for the prevention, screening and diagnosis, treatment and/or cure of breast cancer — rather than on managing car donations. Won’t you help us help these organizations succeed? Donate your vehicle today!



1111 South Flower Street
Suite 83
Los Angeles, California
USA 90015
(866) 540-5069

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