Element Windows and Doors

Service Provider in Windsor, Ontario

Element Windows and Doors is your top choice for window replacement, entry door replacement, and patio door replacement in Windsor, ON.

Customer service is the foundation upon which Shaun Element started Element Windows and Doors. During his invaluable 19 years as an installer, Shaun learned everything he could about the window and door industry, the least of which was what NOT to do.

He had learned that a successful window and door company was built on respect. Respect for employees and customers alike. If your employees are happy they will, in turn, ensure your customers are happy.

After much thought and conversation with his wife, Shaun Registered Element Windows, and Doors!

Shaun Element used his own name for his company because that way he can ensure he stands behind his company, no matter what, ensuring the highest customer service in the business.


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4080 North Service Road East
Windsor, Ontario
Canada N8W 5X2
(519) 734-7272

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