Blommers Bouwsystemen B.V.

Service Provider in Veldhoven

Blommers Bouwsystemen BV has been building the most diverse buildings for years. Whether it concerns garages, storage rooms, workshops or animal enclosures, we always realize complete structures to measure. We do not turn our backs on club buildings, guesthouses, recreational homes, poolhouses, and garden houses either.

Blommers Bouwsystemen BV undertook its activities in Capelle aan den IJssel. From a tactical point of view, people opted for this - conveniently located - location in the Netherlands. With years of experience in their pocket, the Blommers brothers started their company here. After three years the company grew out of its jacket. The sales office and show garden remained in Capelle aan den IJssel until the beginning of 1999 and then moved to the current location Veldhoven.

The clientele quickly expanded across the Netherlands.

In addition to various municipalities, there are numerous housing cooperatives, contractors and associations that have experienced the craftsmanship of Blommers Bouwsystemen BV.



De Run 2182
Netherlands 5503 LE
+31 (040) 254-7612

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