Combs Custom Builders

Service Provider in Hazelton, British Columbia

Combs Custom Builders has a long history of building high quality reasonably priced homes in the Hazeltons. Hazeltons, Combs Custom Builders pays great attention to energy efficiency creating living spaces that maintain comfortable temperature and humidity levels throughout the seasons. Building homes over the past ten years has evolved into a science. Our workers are trained in all of the aspects of Building Science and regularly attend workshops, put on by the Homeowner Protection Office, to ensure we evolve with quickly changing building technologies. Every aspect of your new homes construction will be attended to with a focus on detail. Whether you need a new home or wish to remodel your existing home, Combs Custom Builders has over thirty years of experience to apply towards your specific construction project. Combs Custom Builders will solve your home building problems. Combs Custom Builders have trained in and built using straw bale as a wall infill material for housing that is environmentally friendly. The demand on the environment is less due to the elimination of refined building materials such as milled lumber, insulation, both interior and exterior wall finishes, and paints. These surfaces are finished with a one and a half inch layer of coloured plaster. I hold a membership with the "Canadian Homebuilders Association of Northern BC" and "Built Green Canada".

Certifications, Standards and Eco-Labels

Combs Custom Builders has obtained the following Certifications, Standards and Eco-Labels


318 Swan Road
Hazelton, British Columbia
Canada V0J 1Y5
(250) 842-5037

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