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5T Sports Group works with professional sports properties, their brand partners and event host cities to drive triple bottom line impact from their operations. We enable sports properties to become more economically resilient, environmentally responsible and socially engaged, creating robust bottom line returns for the long-term. We bring brands future-forward, measurable and impactful fan mobilization campaigns, that foster dialogue and convey their core values beyond gameday and beyond the stadium. We ensure host cities' return on investment in major events through business engagement and legacy programs, with attentive and consequent planning for inclusion of stakeholders great and small. Progressive sports properties, brands and cities know that their business must be more than transactional - the magic is in a transformative effort and in creating value and rewards well beyond their own interests. For those playing the long-game, we bring the outside perspective and broad context to support your organizations strategic planning and program implementation. Our ongoing market intelligence allows us to anticipate key opportunities for our clients. Our front office savvy enables us to translate them into dollars in the bank. Our global team of partners is happy to take your call to discuss how the most rapidly evolving areas in the business of sport: sustainable operations, mobile technology applications , hyper-targeted fan engagement and diversity & inclusion programs - can futureproof your business.


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375 Water Street
Suite 200
Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada V6B5C6
(604) 644-1984

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