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One Day All Training Agencies Will Offer a Comprehensive On Line Training System, Until Then There Is RAID

Are you worried about not having books? Encarta was not worried about Encyclopaedia Brittanica. Go Pro probably don't give Kodak a second thought and can anyone still remember Polaroid?

All the major agencies are trying to work out how they transition from an outdated model into the modern world, Imagine working at Kodak when digital hit the market, why did they not just adapt? Simple their model was fixed and changing it costs a fortune so they just keep playing at the fringes hoping something would change until it was too late.

Imagine owning a book store franchise or having a store filled with film cameras when digital hit.

You would not want to be in that position would you?

What is a Google and what is a Facebook? I know the Amazon is a jungle and Kindle is something you start a fire with right?

I guess if you had a bunch of money invested in a book store ten years ago you will wish you took more notice when someone said, these technologies will put you out of business.

But I have never heard of these brands you might say. ??History shows that companies rarely bridge from old technologies to new and it's the new companies in this millennium that quickly become the brands of choice.

Charles Darwin said "it is not the strongest of the species that survives or the most intelligent, it is the one most readily adaptable to change".

RAID is the most advanced training model in the world today. With over 60 programs on line, we are the most advanced training platform in the industry today, our operation cost from production cost to consumer is the lowest in the industry, our trainers lead the world. RAID will be like no other training system on earth.

We understand change is always difficult but it is also inevitable. All training agencies want to go digital, it's not the technology that holds them back it's the investment they have in old technology. Clinging to old technologies and old brands will hold you back.





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