El Chino Nursery

Retailer in Miam, Florida

We know that making the decision to have a green, lush backyard comes with the overwhelming responsibility of bringing it to fruition! What type of greenery you are going to have as well as how they are going to make up part of your landscape are all issues you will have to think of. El Chino Plant Nursery is your local plant nursery in Miami Florida that is committed to ensuring that you have just the right plants installed in your space in anticipation of the micro environment that you wish to create!

Our ten-acres property located in Krome Avenue offers a diverse range of plant species to choose from. You can choose from fruit trees and evergreens to hardwood and exotic species depending on your individual needs. As a matter of fact, our garden center has numerous species to suit different terrains and soil types and therefore, you will certainly find something to carry back home.

Even better for you is the fact that we have a number of professionals whose work is to guide and help you make the best selection of the vegetation you need, if you haven’t yet made up your mind! Furthermore, we do the dirty work of installing and delivery your preferred plants to make things even more convenient for you! We know that not everyone has the tools or skill necessary to competently install plants and therefore, we step right in to fill the void!

For those in Broward or Miami, we are offering you a very convenient way to add a little bit of greenery to your environment. With experience dating back to 1982, our family- owned business has answers to all your questions relating to growing of plants! Talk to us today if you need an extra tree or a field of exotic grass for your backyard!



16751 SW 177th Avenue
Miam, Florida
USA 33187
(305) 238-1743

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