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Everyone has different needs and desires. While some couples prefer

natural outdoor settings with little or no dramatic presentation,

others like the pomp and elaborate settings befitting royals. Some

brides like to keep it low-key, while others prefer to feel like a

queen for the day. Whatever you want, New Jersey Videography happily

accommodates your style.

Wedding videography often is best suited to more low-key weddings

where you only need a single camera to capture the purity of your love

without cinematic elaborations. Unexpected moments caught in candid

video can prove to be outstanding highlights of your wedding day. In

the expert hands of an experienced professional, wedding videography

can supply you with a true recounting of the day’s events. And you get

a high-quality, high-definition recording that you can watch over and

over to remember the special day.

Wedding cinematography, on the other hand, is most appropriate if you

want to create images that highlight the very best shots of your day.

Using multiple cameras and special equipment such as booms, lights and

cranes, wedding cinematography in the hands of a pro can turn your

wedding and its varied angles into a film that can almost pass for an

entertaining movie. Tell us what you need.

Both wedding videography and wedding cinematography rely on up-to-date

digital recording equipment and professional editing processes. The

main difference is that one allows the story simply to play out

naturally, while the other creates cinematic images that enhance your

story and provide an entertaining and illuminating experience for the




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