Eugene Windshield Repair

Service Provider in Eugene, Oregon

For more than 30 years, Eugene Windshield Repair has been serving Lane County vehicle owners for their windshield repair needs. Because there’s no removal of your damaged windshield, we don’t have excessive amounts of windshields heading to the dump. Windshield repair waste weighs less than 1 ounce making it a very environmentally friendly service.

All of our windshield repair technicians are factory trained and certified, and several are also certified by the National Windshield Repair Association and the National Glass Association – no other windshield repair business in Lane County can make that claim!

Our windshield repair involves using state-of-the art bridges that temporarily and securely suction to your windshield so a resin can be injected into your damaged glass. We then cure that resin with a special UV light to create a strong bond, keeping the glass from cracking out. When properly executed, the glass’s structural integrity will be restored with at least 80% improved cosmetic appearance. Please note that we DO NOT replace windshields.



1090 Bailey Hill Road
Eugene, Oregon
USA 97402
(541) 485-4376

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