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Manufacturer/Supplier in Bremen

acousticpearls is an international design company headquartered in Bremen, Germany, that provides inspiring interior design solutions to improve the acoustics of interior spaces. The timeless, traditional design of our solutions merges high effectiveness with unparalleled variety for designing applications. Each product can be flexibly and individually integrated into modern concepts for the interior design of living and working spaces. The products help redefine the spatial quality of a room in a unique way. The solutions designed by acousticpearls are an expression of the company's command of interior design as well as its passion for color and color combinations. Furthermore, acousticpearls stands for innovative product design with a focus on sustainable architecture. Our products are GREENGUARD certified, meaning they are free of emissions and use environmentally-friendly materials. acousticpearls offers durable, timeless design products with the "Made in Germany" seal of approval and quality that is convincing in every detail. The fabric of our team of designers working on the products is all the more impressive. Every solution we offer intrinsically bundles their professional skills in combining colors, in addition to their individual skills in acoustics and spatial creativity. acousticpearls also collaborates with architects, interior designers, and interior planners. We provide customers with support and consulting on-site through our network of select dealers in office workspace design. acousticpearls is GREENGUARD-certified! We can genuinely boost having an eco-friendly, innovative system for use in interior design. Our products only prove that the business focus at acousticpearls goes beyond acoustics and aesthetics. The recent awarding of one of the strictest classifications, the GREENGUARD GOLD Certification, is a clear indicator of our support for more sustainable aspects in interior design. Using new, future-minded acoustic materials is equally important to acousticpearls as is using the highest quality in source materials and carefully manufacturing them. acousticpearls products are interior design objects that improve interior spaces and contribute to better work environments for people. The results are impressive and the vast quality comes with no need for second thoughts.


Certifications, Standards and Eco-Labels

acousticpearls GmbH has obtained the following Certifications, Standards and Eco-Labels


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