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ABSA (Alberta Boilers Safety Association) is the pressure equipment safety authority for Alberta. ABSA administers Albertaês pressure equipment safety programs under the Safety Codes Act, and has the authority to enforce pressure equipment safety as set out in the legislation. ABSA is a regulatory authority, but is not a direct part of the Government. In 1995, the Government of Alberta moved the administration of pressure equipment safety programs from a government department to a –Delegated Administrative Organization,” namely, ABSA. Registered under the Societies Act as a not-for-profit organization, ABSA obtains its authority from the Boilers Delegated Administration Regulation. The Minister of Municipal Affairs appointed ABSAês Chief Inspector as Technical Administrator for pressure equipment safety. ABSA provides pressure equipment safety program services, under the direction of a Board of Directors that represents both the pressure equipment industry and the public. Most government boiler inspectors continued their work as safety codes officers with the new organization, ensuring that this pool of expertise and experience would not be lost. These people formed the core of ABSA and their commitment to safety remains the driving force behind the work that ABSA does. ABSA is self-supporting, financing its operations through fees paid by the pressure equipment industry and users of ABSAês services. We are responsible to the Government, our program delivery is regularly audited by Alberta Municipal Affairs, and our Annual Report and Three-Year Business Plan are tabled in the Legislature. The fees for ABSAês services are set by the Board of Directors, and are approved by the Minister of Municipal Affairs.


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