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Manufacturer/Supplier in Cambridge, Ontario

For more than a century, Aecon and our predecessor companies have helped to build many of Canada's most famous landmarks _ from the CN Tower and St. Lawrence Seaway, to the Vancouver Sky Train and Halifax Shipyards. In addition to these great landmarks, we've also helped to build hundreds of factories, roads, sewers, theatres, book stores, power plants, arts centres, mine sites, offices, hotels and gas distribution networks _ the smaller, but no less important projects that help to make Canada a great place to live. A Safe Working Environment: At Aecon, a safe job site is a productive one. Our company is committed to providing a safe working environment for every employee and partner with whom we work. On each site we operate, this means rigorous maintenance of our equipment and zealous enforcement of stringent workplace safety standards. As a result, not only is Aecon recognized as one of the Best Employers in Canada, but we also regularly earn a safety rating of more than 99% in national audits conducted by the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association. Sustainability: Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility are deeply embedded in Aeconês corporate culture. Across all of our many business units, we believe strongly in building relationships by giving back through various community and charitable programs. Our company is also committed to protecting the environment through sustainable construction initiatives, anti-idling programs, renewable energy solutions and many other project-based environmental initiatives.


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150 Sheldon Drive
Cambridge, Ontario
Canada N1R7K9
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