Elizabeth Zeuschner and Associates

Service Provider in Glen Iris

Elizabeth brings over 30 years of bookkeeping experience whenever she sits with a client. Her professional bookkeeping career began with the introduction of the GST, when she saw many small businesses struggle to deal with increased complication in tax compliance, not to mention the time-consuming task of tracking their finances to keep the business afloat.

Having kept books for several family businesses for many years, Elizabeth knew the hazards of not having solid bookkeeping not only on the business but also on people in it. She decided to lend a hand and launched her company, which grew quickly with clients from many different industries including Construction and building Trades, Hospitality, Entertainment, Manufacturing, Retail, Finance Broking, Advertising, Health and Beauty, Investment Property, and Shares and Service Industries.

While she’s improved the record-keeping systems in many businesses, Elizabeth ultimately measures her success by the number of business owners she has helped regain control over their finances to gain back their time and reclaim their lives.



Estella St, Glen Iris VIC 3146
Amadale Vic 3143
Glen Iris
Australia 3146
+61 (039) 885-9649

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