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Ask Dabur is an initiative by Dabur India in taking the Ayurvedic strengths to the next level. The initiative aims to provide Ayurvedic treatment to various ailments through telemedicine – capitalizing its Ayurvedic know-how, panel of Ayurveda doctors and facility of online consultation. The initiative also homes a Kapha, Pitta and Vata test that enables patients to know their self in a holistic manner. The patients can learn more about their doshas, ailments and find the appropriate remedies along with supporting changes in the Aahar and Vihar. Leveraging 5000 year old Ayurvedic texts researched by Dabur, we aim to host a variety of natural remedies and help people adapt them in their fast paced lives. More than 300 articles are listed on the website for the patients to explore more about their ailments. We have also joined forces with 26000+ doctors specializing in Ayurveda, who prescribe the remedies to the patients over the telephone.



8/3, Asaf Ali Road
New delhi
India 110002
+910 (120) 396-2100

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