Earth Advantage Institute

Service Provider in Portland, Oregon

EAI is the blueprint for the future of buildings and communities. We are stewards promoting the responsible use of energy and natural resources in a carbon-constrained world. We will be the nation’s leading organization for sustainable building and climate solutions serving the stakeholders in the building industry. Our Mission: Earth Advantage is a Portland-based nonprofit whose mission is to accelerate the creation of better buildings. We provide knowledge to building professionals and information to consumers through certification, research, education, and product development to move the building industry towards more sustainable practices. Our Vision: A building industry that harmonizes the natural and built environment. Our Core Values: We Live and Breathe Sustainability: We practice what we teach, and teach what we practice. We focus on the We: It’s not about us. We believe in the power of collaboration, partnerships and superior customer service. We Believe in Action Now: We guide the building industry by meeting people where they are and providing a roadmap forward. We Put Transparency First: Remaining open about our activities is critical to building trust. We Are Practical Visionaries: We believe solving big problems requires multi-disciplinary, holistic thinking that is firmly rooted in economic reality. We Believe in Our People: We recognize our strength lies in the diverse background and experiences of our team, and therefore we are dedicated to persisting a rich, healthy, and happy internal culture.





623 SW Oak Street
Third Floor
Portland, Oregon
USA 97205
(503) 968-7160

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