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When metal is used to connect the exterior components of a building directly to the interior framing, this causes a thermal bridge. This thermal path of least resistance allows heat (or cold) to escape, creating a vulnerability for cold spots and allowing moisture problems. Using materials that eliminate the thermal bridge help avoid unnecessary heating and cooling costs. SMARTci was designed to address the inadequacies of other continuous insulation solutions. ItÕs individual parts were created as a simple, complete solution to help you create smarter buildings. Plus, itÕs the best assembly to help you earn points toward LEED certification. Unlike other attachment systems, SMARTci has zero thermal short fasteners. It doesnÕt create cold spots for condensation inside your walls. It has a universal attachment design for virtually any cladding, and it can be used over multiple surfaces Ñ not just stud walls. SMARTci was created with one goal in mind: to make buildings more efficient. Specially designed to block off heat gaps that other solutions leave, SMARTciÕs thermal efficiency makes it a long-term investment in your building. Advanced Architectural Products is proud to announce the GREENgirtª System has completed the process of obtaining a Declare label. GREENgirt is the first insulated composite sub-framing component to earn a Declare label- placing the system at the forefront of the transparency movement within the continuous insulation (CI) arena. In order to qualify for a Declare label, a building product must either be free of, or declare any harmful Red List chemicals and meet all Appropriate Sourcing Imperatives as determined by the ILFI. GREENgirt required no changes to its formulation or material components, because it was designed to be free of harmful ingredients.


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