ACR Solar International, Corp.

Manufacturer/Supplier in Carmichael, California

ACR SolarÕs roots go back to 1979 when Al Rich established AC-Rich & SUN with the Motto: ÒQuality, Value, and Integrity Since 1979,Ó Since then, the name has emerged as ACR Solar International Corp. but the strong commitment to our customers and the environment remains the same. ItÕs founder, Al Rich, has a rich solar history including having four US Patents and many design innovations. He was recently Awarded for Distinguished Achievement in Clean Tech Award for the light weight Skyline solar water heater manufactured in Carmichael CA. His 4th Patent, the MegaMat, an innovative solar pool heater and ÒPVT,Ó (Photovoltaic, Thermal) product is in development and had a large national market. The mission of ACR Solar is to develop and cost effectively supply the latest ÒMade in the USAÓ solar water heating technology around the world. Our mission also includes a very strong commitment to the environment and to excellence in all aspects of its business, including a strong dedication to providing a superior financial return to its investors and an exceptionally good relationship with its employees. Our company is headquartered in Carmichael, California where the manufacturing plant, administrative offices, as well as research and development are co-located. Our Skyline¨ Water Heaters and Collectors are state of the art and are designed for maximum energy efficiency and savings. ACR Solar International Corp. is a California C46 Solar Contractor in good standing, Licence Number: 979954.


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5840 Gibbons Drive
Carmichael, California
USA 95608
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