Able Crane Services, Ltd.

Service Provider in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Able Crane Services is the number one crane rental company boasting the largest and most modern fleet of cranes in the region. With a wide range of over 30 cranes in our fleet, we are able to provide our clients unparalleled flexibility, quality and affordability. From short taxi calls to long term rentals, operated or bare lease, Able Crane Services Ltd can easily supply the crane to suit your needs. Able Crane Services is well versed in the rigging and moving of heavy equipment and machinery and will work in conjunction with your business to bring you the best crane rental and heavy moving equipment solutions possible. COR Certified, we are committed to the personal safety, health and well being of every employee and constantly strive to achieve our goal of an injury and incident free work place. At Able Crane Services we are committed to improvement through continuous investment in both our equipment and our employees. Serving the Winnipeg area, Manitoba and surrounding provinces with crane rental services for over three decades, our professional service coupled with courteous after rental services, makes Able Crane Services the most trusted crane rental service in Winnipeg and all of Manitoba. Able Crane Services - your first choice for experience, service and reliability.


Certifications, Standards and Eco-Labels

Able Crane Services, Ltd. has obtained the following Certifications, Standards and Eco-Labels


21 Dawson Road North
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada R2J0S6
(204) 237-4800

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