Allard & Emond, Inc.

Distributor/Wholesaler in Saint-Laurent, Quebec

With over 15,000 projects completed in Laval and Greater Montreal, Allard & Emond has the ability and knowledge to provide you with the ideal solution. Allard & Emond is a company specializing in high-performance air conditioning and heating system installation. Using brand-name, state-of-the-art technology, Allard & Edmond professionals can recommend the best solution so that you maximize comfort and significant energy savings that will result in significant monetary savings. Mainly serving Greater Montreal, West Montreal and Laval, Allard & Emond professionals have developed and installed thousands of systems in homes, offices, and commercial properties. Whether it involves geothermal, thermopumps, air conditioners, electric heaters or gas heating, or even floor heating installation, Allard & Emond specialist technicians are trained to take an energy reading of your building to show you where and how we can reduce your costs and improve your air conditioning and/or heating efficiency as well as air quality.



2955 Sartelon
Saint-Laurent, Quebec
Canada H4R1E6
(514) 332-6666

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