Great Canadian Wilderness

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Arctic Canada: Join veteran bush pilot and wildlife guide 'Tundra Tom' on a choice of unique wildlife expeditions to the most remote regions of northern Canada. We offer remote aircraft-supported, catered camps for wild wolves during the den cycle, the great caribou migration, musk-oxen herds, moose, polar bear, birds-of-prey, and fantastic diplays of northern lights. Our historically-rich native cultural expeditions include spending time with aboriginal elders on their traditional lands. Now in our 40th year of operations, we have the best of references available. Ethical and Environmental Policy: Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures believes in and practices the principals of eco-tourism. Our operational philosophy is to be as unobtrusive on the land and waters as possible, and includes the teaching and applied practice of minimum-impact considerations to all of our field activities within practical and economically-viable guidelines. Such practices include doing what we can to minimize use of fossil fuels for remote field access as well as during the day-to-day operations of our camps; the removal of all garbage from the field; campfires only allowed in metal fireboxes and/or below the high-water marks; prohibiting the cutting of live trees; strict 'catch & release' fish management, etc. Ideally, we try not to even leave footprints! We at Great Canadian Wildife Adventures strive to find and maintain a balance between providing world-class viewing opportunities for our clients, while maintaining an ethical and non-disturbing approach to sensitive wild animals...During our four decades of Northern Arctic operations, we are fortunate to have located, and subsequently to offer genuine wild wolves viewing, active caribou water crossings and musk-oxen grazing ranges. We are fortunate to be able to offer quality photography and viewing of these wild animals with a high degree of success. Yet, in such a huge landscape as the Canadian Arctic, and with such unknown variables from season to season as wolf population densities, false-den years, changing caribou migratory routes and hunting & trapping pressures from the tree-line; the task to locate animals can often be formidable. Once located, extreme care must be taken not to disturb them, as careless human exposure & activities can influence the behavioral patterns of wild animals and birdlife.



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